The Joy of Being Alive


With The SOAR Institute

17 – 21 October 2018

There comes a moment when you realise that it’s time to put the worry and stress down,

to stop the relentless drive for more, if only temporarily, and to give yourself exactly what your heart, body and soul so desperately needs and deserves. This is that time. The ‘Joy of Being Alive’ Wild Dolphin Retreat is a call for you to deeply connect to yourself, to others and to Mother Nature. It is a call to honor the sacredness of life – your life, as you connect, heal your heart and soul, and rejuvenate by being playful and spontaneous, joyful and whole. This is a call to experience the flow and celebration of being truly alive in a magical and sacred space, surrounded by beautiful beings, communing with nature at its most pristine and profound wonder. Will you answer the call? Will you give you, back to yourself? The SOAR Institute and Halo Gaia are excited to invite you to an experience of a lifetime where we celebrate the Joy of Being Alive for 4 nights and 5 sumptuous days of sun, surf and sand in picturesque Ponta Malongane, Southern Mozambique. Highlights of Your retreat experience:

  • Experience deeply relaxing and energizing passive and dynamic meditations
  • Discovering the art of accessing a “flow “ state naturally
  • Meeting the Wild dolphins of Southern Mozambique
  • Djembe drumming
  • Learning wisdom circles
  • Indigenous and Shamanic Sound journey
  • A deep immersion into the untouched natural beauty of the area

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Meet Your Facilitators :

Gavin Friedman

Gavin is one the Founding Directors and co-owner of The SOAR Institute, a human and organisational development company. He is trained both in Ontology (the Study of the Way of Being) and the Science of Axiology, which is the mathematical assessment of human values.  Using his many years of experience in the corporate field, he is able to bring about sustainable success in both individuals and organisations. Gavin is a qualified Ontological Life Coach, Facilitator, Perturber, Keynote Speaker and modern day Philosopher. 15 years ago Gavin had a powerful turning point, which opened up a path into the world of personal transformation, discovering the magic that lies within. Gavin believes that when given an opportunity, everybody has the ability to find that unique and authentic aspect within him or herself and live at their Optimal State.  Gavin believes that by opening your mind, your heart and your will, this takes you on a journey of inspiration, exploration and exceptionality. By opening up the heart, it unveils a powerful truth and the mind will follow the passions of the heart; starting to live dreams and life passionately, consciously creating your destiny and experience a life filled with joy, love and aliveness. Save

Riaad Isaacs

I’m not impressed by biographies because they speak of past accomplishments and smack too much of self-significance and self-aggrandizing. Self-praise has never been a worthwhile recommendation. I’m much more interested in who someone is and who they’re becoming than in who they’ve been. Most bio’s will only mention the standard positive qualities, and while I may have those, we all do. I also possess many annoying, self- defeating tendencies too, as I’m sure we all do. To not own up to them is disingenuous and announces a basic lack of awareness of what makes us human. So there you have it, I’m an integrated human being, always reaching, always learning, always expanding and always becoming more. I’m not the same person I was yesterday, nor would I ever want to be. I’m not going to be the same person tomorrow, because I cherish growth and man’s evolutionary imperative. This is the epitome of freedom, to become exactly what or who is needed to bring about the desired result. In all of this, I discover my own limitlessness, the essence of who I am, and so become eminently qualified to assist others to do the same. You want to know what I’m capable of, I don’t know, and no historically data could ever allude to mine or anyone else’s true potential. Instead, get to know me, lets connect, lets together drop the facade and reveal our authentic selves, and together become inspired to produce a better version of ourselves. Save

Vivashan Muthan

By training I am a scientist, by inclination an artist. My brain is numbers, my body is words but my heart is all Love. I delight in building the world with models and equations and studying how every part interacts with every other part then I revel in standing back and gazing with marvel at the mystery and the beauty of how it all just works so perfectly. I admire the laws of physics but I do not claim to understand why they do what they do or the spiritual essence that allows me to experience them. I enjoy knowing that I am carbon atoms coalescing after 13.5 billion years of journeying from the heart of stars into me and yet I am so much more. That we are all so much more. I love to talk to you and I love when you teach me because their is so much about me as you that I don’t know. I live for the conversation that started when we were still one and goes on and on forever. My eyes light up and soul glows ablaze when we talk about the best we can be and this is where I invite you to meet me, to come talk with me, to tell me your stories and to share in mine. I want to see the real you and in that to see the real me. I want to stand with you and look out over the sea of infinite possibilities until we can say with Ulysses that “All experience is an arch where through gleams that untravelled world whose margin fades forever when I move.” My joy is the north wind that flights me to unfathomable heights where only poetry will do for my language and only your biggest, most unapologetic smile will hold me to the course. Let me show you what happens to shadows when we rise. Fly with me. SOAR with me. Then decide if I’ll make a worthwhile companion for the journey home. Save

Courtney Ward

‘Essentially a performer in the great arts of the divine’, Courtney is a talented artist, actor and musician. She is especially gifted in her spontaneous ability to apply her artistic gifts and musical talents to a group dynamic in aid of personal transformation and creativity. Since 1999 Courtney has worked passionately and intensively with the resident pod of Inshore Bottle Nose dolphins of Southern Mozambique as Halo Gaia’s owner, Ponta Malongane`s Ocean Safari guide, leading Dolphin Swim Facilitator and data collector. Through her intimate relations with the dolphins, her love of people and her love of the ocean, Courtney offers an extraordinary Ocean Awareness program. Please visit

Soul Investment for this retreat in RUSTIC shared accommodation

R 6800.00 per person


  • 4 nights’ accommodation in rustic tented camp (twin share)
  • 3 x Dolphin Swim Launches: Educational, respectful and awareness based Dolphin swims guided by Courtney
  • 4×4 Transfers from the border to camp (return)
  • 4 days of “The JOY of being ALIVE“ with SOAR Institute
  • Indigenous and Shamanic Sound journey and interactive Drumming
  • Snorkelling course, Code-of-conduct, Boat safety briefings
  • Photographs of your ocean experiences


  • Transport to the Mozambique border
  • Hire of snorkelling equipment
  • Visa (ONLY for non-South African passport holders)
  • All Meals – Meals are self-catering and communal dining is encouraged (Walk to the local village and taste the best Portuguese and Mediterranean cuisine at affordable prices)

The ‘Joy of Being Alive’ Wild Dolphin Retreat is a call for you to deeply connect to yourself, to others and to Mother Nature

experience, exchange, transform

 “All Dolphin interaction is Conscious & Respectful …on the Dolphins` terms and Nature`s conditions”

Email: Mobile SA: 073 544 1485 Mobile Mozambique: 00258 84 455 4319

Halo Gaia Adventure Travel legally operates all Dolphin Scenic Tours under the “Transporte Maritimo Commercial de Trafego local de Passageiros” license issued to Malongane for commercial dolphin launches in the PPMR : Ponta do Ouro Partial Marine Reserve of Southern Mozambique 

The New Immigration Regulation dictates that as from 01 June 2015 children under the age of 18 require UNABRIDGED BIRTH CERTIFICATES, along with their passports, when travelling. Should you be travelling with/making a reservation for children, please ensure that you apply for these certificates timeously.