Dreaming your Soul’s Vision!

A 10-day LUXURY dolphin retreat

With Courtney Ward and Lance

In Loving Memory of Shakti Malan

20 – 30 October 2017

One day, we become aware of a calling. It beckons us from our familiar world into listening to the voice of our soul. It grows with time. The call becomes louder and louder until we realize that we must answer.

Now is the time to re-enter the dreaming and discover the world we want to live in, the world we want our children to live in. To once again walk our own path. In this quest, we are supported by encounters with wild dolphins. Through a moment of eye contact with these beings of pure love, or through being immersed in their ultrasound beaming through bodies, people’s lives have been changed forever.

We invite you to join us for a magical 10-day dolphin adventure to dream our soul’s vision. This is a time to reconnect with our creative force, our will, the essence of our sexuality, our passion, our desire, our spontaneity and all the things that hold these stuck, hold these hostage. The dolphins lead the way.

Embodied visioning practices

The re-imagining of who we are happens in a space of ceremony, meditation, inquiry, subtle movement and questing through guided drum journeys, breath work and dance. We learn to listen to the subtle messages of our bodies, in communion with the bodies of the dolphins and the body of the ocean. We listen deeply to ourselves, we feel our longings and hopes and join with the world around us, becoming sensitive to the messages held in trees, the song of the ocean, a friends smile and our reflection in the eye of dolphin. We respond to these messages, we learn their language and trust the journeys they invite us on, moving from form to formless and back again, exploring new forms, new ways of being.

If you have ever heard the calling to swim with wild dolphins, NOW is the time to re-enter the dreaming and discover the world we want to live in. Shakti heard the call many years ago and listened to the voice of her soul – she showed us how to listen so finely…how to respond.

We invite you to join us for a magical 10-day dolphin adventure to dream our soul’s vision

Accommodation in Coastal Forest Luxury Tented Camp

Tucked away in the coastal forest canopy right on the beach, the Luxury tented camp offers you total privacy.

With a maximum capacity of 16 guests, we offer you an exclusive and luxurious wild dolphin swim getaway.

Built on wooden platforms, all tents are spacious and airy, fully fitted with en-suite bathrooms, hot water, tea/coffee making facilities, electric fans, white linen and very comfortable beds boasting ‘walk-in’ mosquito nets.

Shaded wooden walkways link each tent with the main deck, pool and boma areas.

Two beautiful communal gathering areas, one tucked into the forest canopy and the other over looking the magnificent Indian Ocean, a pool, a boma fire- side area and of course your private balcony at each individual tent promises to make this a simply gorgeous, nature RICH stay.

Meet Your Facilitators :

Shakti’s deep relationship with the dolphins started in 2002 when her first encounter with the bottlenose dolphins of Mozambique utterly transformed her life and compelled her to do a wilderness quest. This vision quest, facilitated by Lance, led to her doing the work of her calling. It was thus a great honor for her to invite Lance to co-facilitate this 10-day dolphin encounter with her. Shakti and Courtney have co-facilitated 12+ dolphin swim retreat groups together over the past 10 years and for the very first time, in her infinite wisdom, Shakti invited another facilitator Lance to join her in presenting this upcoming retreat. Lance guided Shakti on her first initiation into the wilderness and Courtney guided Shakti on her first life-changing encounter with the dolphins of Malongane…and so, Shakti leaves us with all the ingredients required for an extraordinarily powerful immersion.


Lance has been a wilderness fasting guide for nearly 20 years co-facilitating solo four-day fasts held within a 10-day wilderness experience as part of an 18 month journey into rediscovering life purpose and passion. Shakti was the first person to experience this process with Lance and it marked the birth of her work in the world. She asked him to bring elements of this journey into the October retreat.

He has been a free diver for over 30 years and is also a qualified PADI Dive Master. He has a passion for the Ocean and is in the process of forming partnerships in Norway and abroad to actively work for her protection through an organization which he founded called Ville Veier (Wild Ways) that uses education and wilderness immersion to reconnect people to their natural roots.

A huge aspect of Lances work is discovering new ways to bring ceremony back into modern life, making it contemporary and easy to access. He sees ceremony as a way for us to heal and reconnect with ourselves, each other and our environment. In this capacity he has facilitated ceremonies including rites of passage into adulthood, elder-hood, marriage, divorce, birth and death. For him ceremony provides a meaningful way to mark and celebrate the special events and seasons of our lives.

He was born in South Africa and has been living and working in Norway for the last 12 years. His spiritual home is the Findhorn Community in Scotland, where he lived in the 90s. In the capacity of a Fellow of the Findhorn Foundation, he is a representative of the community and brings its principles and practices into all the work he does.


“As a facilitator Lance works with the principle that humans are part of natural systems and have an important role to play. These systems exist within us, within groups and are ever present in the world around us, no matter if we are in pristine wilderness or the inner city. It is nature who does the work, it is nature who facilitates. Lance believes his job is to listen closely to nature, allowing her to lead the way.

I have known Lance for over 25 years from living together in the Findhorn community and recently through studying Process Work with him and participating in his wilderness quests in South Africa. I can not recommend highly enough the integrity he brings to his work.”

Peter Lloyd

Findhorn Fellow, Interfaith Minister and Process Work Student.




Courtney Ward

Courtney Ward is essentially a performer in the great arts of the divine – a talented artist, actor and musician. She is especially gifted in her spontaneous ability to apply her artistic gifts and musical talents to a group dynamic in aid of personal transformation and creativity. Since 1999 Courtney has worked passionately and intensively with the resident pod of Inshore Bottle Nose dolphins of Southern Mozambique as Halo Gaia’s owner, Ponta Malongane`s Ocean Safari guide, leading Dolphin Swim Facilitator and data collector. Conservation of our natural resources and the preservation of our ocean is at the core of Courtney`s long standing 17 year commitment to make a small yet significant difference on this planet. Through her intimate relations with the dolphins, her love of people and her love of the ocean, Courtney offers an extraordinary Ocean Awareness program.


In Loving – Living memory of beloved Shakti Malan
The Shakti Malan Academy

Shakti Malan facilitated the awakening of conscious sexuality and is the author of Sexual Awakening for Women (see www.shaktimalan.com) . She had a passion for spiritual awakening, a deep love for people and a unique understanding of the body and sexuality. Shakti has a PhD in Social Anthropology, the practice of which taught her to stand in people’s shoes, listen to what is felt and not said, and sink into the soul of people. Shakti`s extraordinary body of work and passion lives on through The SHAKTI MALAN ACADEMY

Rates :

R 22 300.00
( South Africans only )

1650 Euro


  • 10 nights’ accommodation in luxury tented lodge (twin share)
  • 10 x catered brunch – A generous 2 course brunch is served after the launches each day
  • 7 x Three Course Dinners ( x 3 Dinner at own expense in the village)
  • 5 x Dolphin Swim Launches: Educational, respectful and awareness based Dolphin swims guided by Courtney
  • 4×4 Transfers from the border to camp (return)
  • 10 days of Dreaming your Souls Vision with Lance in memory of Shakti
  • Indigenous and Shamanic Sound journeys and interactive Drumming
  • Snorkelling course , Code-of-conduct, Boat safety briefings
  • Photographs of your ocean experiences


  • Transport to the Mozambique border
  • 3 x evening meals for own expense in the village
  • All Drinks except TEA and COFFEE are for your personal account
  • Hire of snorkelling equipment
  • Visa (ONLY for non-South African passport holders)



We have opened places in the rustic camp to cater for those of you with budget constraints. Please enquire should you be interested in receiving further details.

Please note: This retreat is suitable for all sincere seekers of truth of any gender or orientation, single or partnered. Men, Women & couples. You do not need a partner to attend.

This is NOT a women only retreat!!! We would be delighted to have many beautiful men joining us for this magnificent retreat. Come Beloveds, you are invited

Now is the time to re-enter the dreaming and discover the world we want to live in

 “All Dolphin interaction is Conscious & Respectful …on the Dolphins` terms and Nature`s conditions”

Courtney Ward
Mobile SA: 073 544 1485
Mobile Mozambique: 00258 84 455 4319
Email: explore@halogaia.com

Halo Gaia Adventure Travel legally operates all Dolphin Scenic Tours under the “Transporte Maritimo Commercial de Trafego local de Passageiros” license issued to Malongane for commercial dolphin launches in the PPMR : Ponta do Ouro Partial Marine Reserve of Southern Mozambique

The New Immigration Regulation dictates that as from 01 June 2015 children under the age of 18 require UNABRIDGED BIRTH CERTIFICATES, along with their passports, when travelling.
Should you be travelling with/making a reservation for children, please ensure that you apply for these certificates timeously.

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