Respectful Dolphin Conduct

Conservation and environmental education in Southern Mozambique.

The Ponta do Ouro Partial Marine Reserve Management Plan (MPA)

We are overjoyed to confirm that the new MPA that has been in legal process for the past few years has officially been passed, the new enforced regulations pertaining to the Southern Mozambique marine environment is now effective.

It is within the interests of the growing community of a 3rd world country to encourage Eco Tourism as a means of livelihood and income. Thus education and involvement around the conservation of our fast depleting resources is of dire importance.

Halo Gaia Adventure Travel / Complexo Turistico do Malongane are honoured to have been granted a Dolphin viewing and interaction permit. This permit was officially handed over on the 23rd November 2011

This licence permits RESPECTFUL MARINE MAMMEL TOURISM and allows our water craft within close proximity to the dolphin pods, given that the behaviour of the dolphins is respected. Ponte Malongane, Southern Mozambique is an exquisite holiday destination with access to world-renowned diving reefs and marine wonders.

Since the mid Nineties a relationship of trust has been established with the resident wild dolphin pods of the area. For the past 17 years Ponte Malongane in association with Halo Gaia Adventure Travel have strived to create and sustain a respectful, ecologically friendly relationship with the Inshore Bottle Nose dolphins (Tursiops Aduncus) and the growing curiosity of humans wanting to encounter these Wild Dolphins in the ocean.

Education is so very important to ensure that the viewing and possible swimming with the dolphins be undertaken in a way that does not inflict harassment of any sort to the delicate social structures and behaviour of the resident pods.

Halo Gaia has for years recorded important information, photographic detail and data pertaining to the dolphins and their behaviour.

Halo Gaia/ Ponta Malongane has very experienced Dolphin Swim facilitators and boat skippers who will determine when interaction of either boat proximity or in water swim encounters are possible.

Ponte Malongane has the legal license to operates all Ocean Safari Scenic Tours under the “Transporte Maritimo Commercial de Trafego local de Passageiros” license issued to Malongane for commercial dolphin launches in Southern Mozambique.

Unauthorised Water Craft are to keep a 300mt viewing distance from any Marine Mammals.
Thus it is illegal to chase, feed, herd, catch or disturb the Dolphins.
Private vessels particularly JET SKIES with their high frequency engine sound should please stay well clear of dolphin pods.

The New MPA regulations do no longer permit Jetski`s to play in the surf zone, jet skis are only to be used with correct licensing for fishing purposes in deeper water.

If the dolphins do approach your vessel to bow ride please do note the following.

  • Please stop movement of your water craft as to not encourage play and to reduce noise disturbance, Dolphins are highly sensitive to sound.
  • Do not suddenly change direction or pursue them.
  • Do not block their passage of travel by placing your vessels in front of them.
  • Never attempt to herd dolphins by driving fast circles around them.
  • Only ONE Boat is allowed to be near a pod of dolphins at one given time.
  • Change of directional swimming, long extended dives, fast swimming, unpredictable surfacing, Tail slaps and loud exhalations are all signs of avoidance. Move away immediately.
  • Avoid nursery pods that have young calf amongst them. Summer is our calving season.
  • Do not over stay your welcome. 20 min viewing time is advised.
  • If you are swimming with the dolphins please NEVER touch or attempt to grab onto them, the dolphins are wild and potentially dangerous if not respected or their present behaviour understood.
  • Trust with the dolphins of the area has been established through strictly adhering to the NO TOUCH policy.
  • If you are a keen fisherman please take care to dispose of all fishing tackle in the correct manner as many Marine Mammals are wounded through entanglement or consumption of fishing hooks, line, plastic and fishing gear.

Thank you for your respect, awareness and care to keep our ocean and Marine Mammals safe.