Testimonial for Courtney Ward from Wendy Ward

Dolphin Retreat April 2016 – Taking the Next Leap

This trip was truly transformational.  I was listening to my heart and when I heard about Courtney and Shakti’s  Dolphin Retreat. It was a clear YES.  However, nothing could have prepared me for the depth of experience, learning and healing that lay ahead.

Courtney combines the multiple roles she plays with inspiring fluidity.  With every hat she wears – from project manager, event organiser, teacher, facilitator, host, guide and sound shaman – Courtney is consistently present and professional.  She manages the border crossings of her guests with vigilance, care and absolute attention. Her initial training and instruction sessions inspire confidence.  Her ethics around the dolphin interactions are impeccable.  Her Sound Journeys are unique and profound experiences.  There is little that she doesn’t “see”.

But it is Courtney’s love and open heart that is so very striking.  Both Courtney and Shakti are real life role models of “dolphin magic”.  They gave me a new language of “pods” and “beaming” and our group reflected this as we connected and reconnected throughout the retreat, sharing food, stories, tears and laughter. I was shown powerful processes to reach deeper levels of knowing and step into the relational space with greater openness and presence, intimacy and vulnerability. For me personally, this retreat gave me a sacred opportunity to dive deep into another level of being, other ways of knowing and relating, to explore a new way of moving in the world, to listen and feel more deeply. My alive button was activated! I remain deeply touched by these past four days and deeply grateful.


Dear Courtney

Thank you for the wonderful memories of my 30 sec underwater connection with three wild dolphins that changed my life.

love Paula

Dear Kate and Courtney

With sincere thanks and gratitude from my side once again, for the most amazing experience!
The planning, and the activities were awesome, the boat trips were amazing, the drumming which vibrated throughout my spirit and sould, and the sound journey which allowed me to release and discover what love and passion really feels like within ones heart.

To all the amazing people that were on the journey, I am blessed to have met you, and I hope that our paths will cross again.

In Love and Light,

I have delayed writing a thank you to you both as I have tried to put all the amazing things we experienced over this past weekend into perspective, but I must admit I am finding it difficult to do.

What an amazing experience, what an amazing place and you two beautiful spirits are the most amazing people. I really feel very privileged to have made your acquaintance and shared your love. Courtney I want to meet with you once a week for my energy fix. 🙂

You made the whole weekend such an enjoyable experience and broadened our horizons significantly with the drumming and sound journey. I truly believe everyone was touched in some way by the place and the activities and certainly by all the experiences on the ocean. I will never forget the vision of the whale shark when I jumped into the sea, it was unreal, so graceful and peaceful. If only we could all lead our lives like that, at peace with the world.

Courtney, don’t ever stop spreading the magic. Take care both of you and keep working on that love you have for each other and the world.

Kindest regards

Looking back on it seems to me that I went primarily to face my HUGE FEAR of the ocean. To all intents & purposes I do not know how to swim. With only flippers on my feet I actually dropped into this HUGE expanse of water at a height (depth really) of a 5storey building, Goggles and snorkel on my face for the first time, I actually swam and watched in awe & amazement at the sea bed and at all these huge wild animals swimming past me, while I was not scared at all: I was really feeling totally at peace and present to what was taking place around me. When I do The Journey processing, we go into Source (our Higher Selves) and the feeling is always that I am Everything, vastness, unconditional Love, God, freedom, peace, etc. Looking under water, I was in this space. When I looked up, then…my mind kicked in, and doubt, fear & judgment, stepped in… After all it’s the mind’s job to do just that. But too late! I had already been, done, smoked the cigar… The only reason I was able to GET INTO that water was that I knew the dolphins were there, I felt totally safe and protected and nothing was going to happen to me and therefore it was ok to get into the water. Paul you have no idea of the enormity of my fear of the ocean. But because of my feelings towards the dolphins I was able to do it. On the Sunday on the boat, it felt like “be kind to yourself, you’ve already pushed yourself enough yesterday, now relax and enjoy it all from the boat, and let yesterday integrate first. Tomorrow is another day”. All the way back home on Sunday, I was “high”, all dizzy. When I got into bed, my whole body was vibrating so much I could not fall asleep for ages. It was only at about 1 in the morning that I realized I have felt like this before: when I have cleared a major issue, and the consciousness of it is leaving me, then I feel like this. Then I realized that the ‘fear” or something else for all I know, but something big had been dealt with and was all leaving me for good. Monday night I was still vibrating and last night also, but is gradually lessening. I am sleeping soundly, I wake up full of joy, so grateful for everything in this Universe. I also feel my body is recuperating from whatever the issue was (I can only presume it was the fear) and I need to be kind to it: not demand but rest as much as I can. Make sense? Then….went for an interview with an agent, for a position with a section 21 company: in other words, a company that has to operate with integrity, all deals above board. Waiting for date of interview with the bosses there.

I feel so much stillness inside, the knowing that everything is perfect as is, as if the jigsaw puzzle pieces are falling into place.

Thank you Grace, thank you Universe.

Lotsa love and hugs

Thank you for a truly magic dolphin gathering weekend. It has had a profound effect on my life and my relationships with those around me.

Some shift has happened as regards healing as I find people I dont know very well stopping to talk and share. I also find i am able to talk to and accept others with far more compassion -and the cherry on the top – my paintings have started selling again!!!

Lots of love and blessings.


What a blessing it is to meet up with such wonderful human angels that inspire and uplift us with such positive vibrations and warm feelings. It was such a privelege to be a part of all that feminine energy and the dolphins and whales were a bonus. My heart felt gratitude to both of you for sharing a memorable occasion with all of us present. Here is wishing you a divine future, may all go well in your next adventure.

Love and blessings,

Thank you Kate and Courtney

It was a truly memorable experience. I will be talking about this to my grandchildren. It is etched in my mind and soul.

With Kind Regards
Srini Naidoo

Hi Kate

I’m still in an absolute dwaal and don’t wanna come back to life at all… keep getting these amazing flash backs of the weekend…What an incredible experience Kate! WOW!!! Thank you!

Love Megan

Morning Kate…you won’t believe that this is my second attempt at this email.I was still so overwhelmed yesterday that I batttled to string a sentence together…but I feel the need to share so I’m giving it another bash.

Firstly though I wanna thank you for all you did to make this passed weekend possible…and I’m also hoping that you pass this on to Courtney please.

To Courtney…you are an incredibly special person…thank you for your positive energy and powerful being…thank you for sharing a part of your world and who you are.You truly are a beautiful blessing.

Our first night at Ponta Malongane…our first share session…I said that I don’t talk much…and I don’t [unless I’ve had a few to many alcholic beverages],this is mostly cos I don’t know how to put my feelings,thoughts and emotions…whether positive or negative into words.I choose to rather keep quiet…most times to my detriment…So I might start babbling…forgive me.

I’m sure there are many reasons that prompt people to choose to participate in the Halo Gaia experience,whether it be just a holiday or a hope for a ‘life changing experience’.I guess some come with expectations and then some with none at all.
Initially,for me it was going to be a deserved holiday,but correspondence with you soon made me realise that it may be something a little more special,so naturally me expectations changed.
I’m am not a ‘care free’,fly by the seat of my pants’,’stop and smell the roses’ type of person…as much as I would love to cherish the time to sit and watch a snail make beautiful trails across the walls…I can’t.Life is a rush…everything about my life seems to revolve around others…and I guess you could say that I find myself lost most times in worrying and stressing about seemingly trivial things.
Perhaps what I’m trying to say here is that I expected or rather hoped that in some way this trip would be a ‘life changing experience’ in the sense that a burden would be lifted off my shoulders,if only for a few days.[Most people have stressors in life that are real for them,no matter how seemingly insignificant…it remains real].I won’t bore you by launching into the many things that have I have allowed to ‘help’ me in carrying this burden.

The weekend left me rather emotional which was quite unexpected…It truly is difficult and virtually impossible to put into words how this experience affected me.[My work colleagues,I’m sure thought that I was a bit ‘bossies’ cos all I wanted to do was cry-yet I felt this incredibale sense of peace-odd].I even feel a little silly sending this email.

How can someone have a life changing experience after only 3 days?I don’t think I have experienced that but rather a realization that the journey my life is taking is not one I wish to see to the end.This ‘place’ I am in now…physically,emotionally,spiritually and mentally…is not a welcome place I wish to be in or stay in.The path I chose for myself years ago has proven to be the wrong one…ha ha ha…bit late to have this wake up call now huh?…but it isn’t…dreams can come true if you believe.

Like Courtney said,we were all meant to experience this weekend together,for a reason…and perhaps a different reason for each of us.We were all chosen to come together at that time and share an unexplainable experience togther.

[Courtney,Sonica,Tanya,little Hannah,Nicole,Nigel,Paul,Mabel,Llyn,Sara…even Tequila and Insert the dogs-apologies if I have spelt any names wrong].

To have the time to appreciate and experience a simple thing like waiting for a bee to stay still long enough for a photo is even beyong comprehension.To appreciate the beauty and wonder of the stars…and wait with friends to count the shooting stars,to walk bare foot in the sand,to experience the exilhiration of the wind and speed of the boat as it sprays water in your face,the beauty of the ocean floor,the friendliness of the native people,to know what it feels like to be safe,to laugh uncontrollably at silly things…to cry at the incredible awsomeness of the feeling of peace and tranquility that overwhelms you…is not something that can be summed up in a word or even a sentence.

We so easily slip back into the ‘rat race’ and get caught up in the system that is life as we accept it…it doesn’t have to be so.This experience has made me realise that it is not to late for change and it all starts with the first step…BELIEVE.

There are so many more things that I would like to say…but can’t cos I don’t know how…so for now…THANK YOU.

Thank you for the opportunity to appreciate the simple things.
Thank you for the realization that I need not fear change if it means making your dreams come true.
Thank you for allowing me to share in this wonderful,indescribable journey with people that have touched my heart forever.


Thank you…with love