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Welcome to our Mozambique Dolphin Coast

Since the year 1999 Halo Gaia Adventure Travel continues in committing to create a deeply relevant, life changing experience for you, our esteemed guest.

Shy of ‘bubble’ tourism, we facilitate an interactive, eco – friendly travel experience that intimately unites and engages our visitors with the authentic Spirit of Southern Africa.

We strongly encourage responsible travel, albeit our inclination to step off the beaten track and embrace the WILD spirit of adventure within us all.

Halo Gaia Adventure Travel, has since its inception 17 years ago, specialized in Close Dolphin Encounters. They are Respectful Wild Dolphin Swims with the Wild in shore Bottle-nose Dolphins (Tursiops Aduncus) of Ponta Malongane, Southern Mozambique.

Our “swimming with Wild Dolphins” Retreats and Ocean Safari Business Incentive Packages from the bay of Ponta Malongane / Complexo Turistico do Malongane are renowned for their professional and educational conduct, not to mention the immense interactive fun had by all.

Respectful Marine Mammal Tourism is at the core of our mission and it is in this arena of awareness that a deep love for the diversity of our planet, ocean and indigenous cultures are shared.

Our Holistic retreats, through the infusion of the healing arts, namely; music, Sound Journey, dance, art, yoga, meditation, community, inter species relations (particularly Wild Dolphins, Hump back Whales & Elephants) inspire a deep immersion into the natural world of the Mozambique dolphin coast that directly engages our consciousness!

The group dynamic and warm sense of community is often the greatest highlight for our visiting guest.

On this magnificent unspoiled beach, In this grass roots African Latino atmosphere, lasting friendships are formed, new passions cultivated, creativity birthed.. Simply put.. Dreams ignite…

Leaving only your footprints and bubbles behind.

Explore the dolphin coast of Southern Mozambique in Ponta Malongane.

An adventure with Halo Gaia is a life enhancing affirmation of your freedom.

For more information on Mozambiques eco–tourism and border crossings requirements and other important information, please click border crossings requirements